All maps displayed on this site are the collection of George Spengler.  Some of the Tourists Maps that contain the initials GD are from the collection of Greg Dockter. Some of the Atlas Maps that contain the initials DW are from the collection of Doug Wick.

If anyone has any ND maps not displayed and would like to have them listed on this site, or have maps to sell or trade send me an email.  I have several additional maps from ND as well as other states and Canada.

WANTED:  ND Official Road Maps from the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s.

Future updates for this site:
Include an UNFOLD button to display the complete unfolded view of the map.
Include a complete display of ND license plates from 1911 to date

George Spengler (RMCA #1139)
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Web: www.ndroadmaps.com
RMCA: Road Map Collectors Association
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MINNESOTA: www.solomonson.net
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PENNSYLVANIA: www.pahighways.com/oshm.html
ONTARIO:                                                    www.ontarioroadmaps.ca
ALBERTA: www.altaroads.ca

1939 Chev. Master Deluxe Business Coupe
Actual Original mileage – 26500
Changes: Front wheels 13″ Rear wheels 14″
Added Turn Signals, switched from 6 volts to 12.